Nassau County ARES



Nassau County ARES is a dedicated organization of licensed and trained radio operators who volunteer their time, skills and equipment to work together as a communications team.  In doing so, we provide swift and reliable voice, wireless video and digital communications to aid

event organizers and to enhance the safety and security of the general public.

FCC regulations prohibit us from being compensated for our services or from being utilized to directly benefit charitable organizations fund raising efforts. We also do not accept or solicit donations.  We are 100% self funded!  These rules enable us to focus on our core mission: the safety of the public and event participants by providing consistent, coordinated communications. We deliver many thousands of dollars

of equipment and services to event organizers at our own expense so that we can drill and maintain a state of readiness when disaster strikes and we're called upon by the Red Cross.

Our calendar is quite full, but please email us at  if you would like to discuss improving your event communications .   We appreciate the opportunity to be of service and we will gladly consider your request!

 Strategic Communications for Public Events

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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District Emergency Coordinator

Nassau County ARES

We're those folks with all the radios who work in the back ground to help keep your event running safely and smoothly!