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ARES Members MUST join the  

Please make sure you have joined the new  Group. This is the primary method used to contact you with alerts, updates, notices and important documents.   No Exceptions.


A NEW Standard for our ARES uniform has been uploaded to the This 2 page PDF file outlines the Rules for applying accepted patches or pins to your ARES uniform shirt and Safety Vest.  Please review.  In effect since 12/21/2013.


Nassau County ARES Members

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Nassau County ARES Membership

ARES ACTIVE MEMBERS represent our core group, our "A-Team" Members. Active members routinely attend Meetings and Public Service Events each year.

EC-001 is now a requirement for certain types of ARES deployments.  So is Shelter Certification and  and you must submit proof of Certification to the DEC of course completions.  However, EC-001 and Shelter Certification is not required to be an Active Team member.

ARES RESERVE MEMBERS  are our pool of operators who for business or personal reasons cannot attend regular ARES meetings or events, but who have demonstrated a strong commitment to assist ARES during storms and other activations. RESERVE Members attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year, participate in ARES Nets and the annual SET.  If you wish to be considered for the ARES Reserves, please contact the DEC.

ARES Photo ID Badges are provided on as-needed basis only.  Having a photo taken is not a guarantee that you will be issued a Photo ID.

ALL Members must participate in the Annual SET Drill.

ARES Members must keep their Membership Qualifications and Contact Details current. Use the Update Info button to do this.

ALL Members deployed for any ARES Activation must wear the appropriate Nassau County ARES safety attire, ARES uniform shirt and wear the ARES Photo ID Badge as required.

All members must join the, since this is utilized to provide alerts and important information to our members.

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