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 Nassau County ARES has an Online Course for You During Sandy, scores of amateur radio operators provided critical reports on fires, flooding, gas leaks, downed trees, power outages and medical emergencies by using our region’s robust network of ham radio repeaters and Nets.  These reports were then channeled to the proper authorities, often before any other means possible.  
One of the realities of emergency communications is that the pool of trained radio operators is almost always smaller than the need.  We also realize that many people do not have the time or inclination to get fully involved in ARES at a full level of participation, but our fellow hams want to help!.

Knowing this problem exists, Nassau County ARES is now offering an online training opportunity to all licensed hams and amateur radio clubs who wish to expand their capabilities and help their own local communities during the next communications emergency by linking to our nets as recognized ARES affiliate members.
This affiliate program is called the Nassau County ARES Reserves.  An online course is provided to train licensed hams to effectively participate on ARES radio nets as credentialed ARES Reserve members.  If you have a strong willingness and aptitude and want to help your community during emergencies like Sandy, power blackouts, storms and other communications emergencies, but don’t have the time to get fully involved in ARES, this course is for you! 

If you represent an AR Club that understands the value of coordinating vital information with your net and ARES nets during a communications emergency, this is an opportunity to do so!
Our course provides basic EMCOMM training needed to equip you with the critical information and resources you require to operate your station effectively on ARES nets.  ARES Reserve members only need to participate in quarterly ARES/RACES net check-ins and the annual Simulated Emergency Test, to test station operations across Nassau County and ensure that we can communicate with you. We can also work around your schedule to do these tests.  And you’re always welcome to join in more, especially at our tremendous public service events.We cover a significant amount of material and provide important details that you will need to know and have access to, such as ARES procedures, protocols, frequencies, contact details, important locations, routes and incident action plans.   In a communications emergency, you would be able to help your own local community.  If you desire to go further and also provide radio comms for EOC’s and shelters, you can do so by taking some additional training.  

Fire Battalions, Red Cross shelters, EOC’s and local village/city halls  and hospitals are all possible deployment sites where your skills are needed!
The ARES Reserves Course takes place online during the winter months of each year.
 And this course is provided at no cost to you!   Email us now at  to reserve your place in this online class.



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