What kind of technology and equipment do you use to accomplish this?

Our members have much invested in their sophisticated radio equipment, and we accomplish our missions by utilizing our own equipment and networks. We receive no government financial support whatsoever for our equipment or for our public services. In fact, we are prohibited from being compensated by FCC rules.

The combined resources of Long Island's outstanding radio clubs and our ARES members' equipment includes several U/VHF voice repeater systems, packet radio nodes and digital messaging systems capable of operating without commercial power. ARES members also own high frequency radio equipment and satellite communications equipment capable of reaching around the world.

Our members operate sophisticated  home-based radio stations, emergency backup power systems and specially-equipped vehicles. These systems allow us to utilize our equipment is many ways, and we pride ourselves on an ability to be flexible, adaptable and resilient.

Why do we still need Ham Radio in today’s advanced technological age?

Long Islander’s certainly learned a lesson about infrastructure failures during Super Storm Sandy, and that's just the most recent local example of why ARES exists!  And ARES has been responding since 1935 with over 80,000 ARES members nationwide. The list of disasters that ARES has responded to is endless.

Why do you assist in public service events?

Assisting with communications in large public events provides us with training and deployment opportunities. These events help us to test our equipment and our teams on a regular basis. This is also a productive way to assist our community and it improves the safety of the public and event participants.

How do we reach your team for an interview or more information?

Please email us at kd2gxl@ncaresmail.net We would be happy to assist you!

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Who are the people in Nassau County ARES?

Nassau County ARES is comprised of men and women throughout Nassau County that have a strong  interest in communications technology and have taken extra steps to have passed FCC license examinations. Many of our members are also EC-001 Certified licensees who have completed additional training courses in emergency communications, the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. Our members are also members of other volunteer organizations including the American Red Cross, the National Weather Service Skywarn reporting system, and Nassau County OEM RACES and CERT. Our professional backgrounds include engineering, medicine, public safety agencies, academia, technology, manufacturing, business, construction,financial services and IT professionals.

We are also your neighbors, and as such, we have an interest in helping our community in a skilled and unique way.

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is yet another tool utilized by amateur radio for real time tactical digital communications information. Used in mobile units, Search and Rescue and for Logistics, APRS provides tremendous capabilities to assist OEM managers during emergencies.

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Is amateur radio recognized as a resource by national relief organizations?
Many national organizations have formal agreements with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and other amateur radio groups including:* Department of Homeland Security - Citizen Corps * Federal Emergency Management Agency * National Communications System * Salvation Army * National Weather Service * Association of Public Safety Communications Officials & American Red Cross
What are some more examples of emergencies involving ARES?
February tornado outbreak - 2008 * Oregon storms - 2007 * Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - 2005 * Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne - 2004 * Severe weather in Virginia - May 2004 * Tornadoes in Illinois - April 2004 * Earthquake in Central California - December 2003 * Hurricane Isabel - September 2003 * Northeast power grid blackout - August 2003 * Midwest tornadoes - May 2003 * Space Shuttle Columbia recovery efforts - February 2003 * World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks - September 2001 * Tropical Storm Allison flooding in Texas and Louisiana - June 2001 * Fires in Los Alamos, New Mexico - May 2000 * Hurricane Floyd - September 1999 * Hurricane Mitch - November 1998 * 500-Year floods in North Dakota and Minnesota - April 1997 * Western floods - January 1997 * Hurricane Fran - September 1996 * TWA 800 plane crash Long Island NY - July 1996 * Oklahoma City bombing - April 1995

Nassau County ARES

What do ARES radio operators do during and after major storms?

Nassau County ARES radio operators organize, set up and operate communication networks for our local and county government agencies, fire battalions and emergency relief shelters. Our networks include both digital and voice radio communications. As an example, we are capable of providing voice and email communications even when there is no commercial power or regional internet service available. These services are particularly important after regular communications systems are damaged by power outages, storms or during man-made disasters.