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On the First Monday of every month, we will conduct Live NCS and Digital NCS Training at the ARC Radio Room from 7pm to 8:30 pm.  Email to reserve your spot, and receive hands-on personal training..

ARES members want to know why things work, and have the ability and ingenuity to make things work

       When All Else Fails

 We are fortunate to have the American Red Cross training curriculum available to us, as well as the National Weather Service Skywarn program, the NTS and the Nassau County OEM CERT and RACES certification courses. 

 We utilize FEMA self-study online courses and we also invite expert guest speakers to our meetings to inform and teach on topics such as shelter management, FCC regulations, net operations, power systems, ICS and NIMS, meteorology and life safety.

Nassau County ARES training meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month, beginning at 1930 hours sharp and typically run 90 minutes in length. If you are a licensed ham with an interest in these subjects and have a desire to help your community, we cordially invite you to attend our meetings to determine if ARES membership is right for you!

Training in Nassau County ARES arrives from several sources and we devote one evening per month to it.  Many excellent training resources are available to us, including those right within our own ranks. We have several members  with decades of expertise in  amateur radio, and some of our members are also certified instructors. Public Service events, such as marathons, also offer us  deployment opportunities to help keep our skills sharpened.

Nassau County ARES



 ARES members share their expertise in subjects such as emergency generators,  battery and solar systems,  shelter management,  radio and antenna systems, communications modes, logistics, meteorology, NET control, organizational discipline and emergency preparedness. All of our training classes are focused on improving our skills in the delivery of outstanding Emergency and Public Service radio communications.

The  ARRL NLI Section provide us with comprehensive certification courses in EMCOMM, and free FCC radio license preparation classes that teach why radio systems work, and not just the memorization of test answers. And when you're ready to take your exam, we also have members who are certified VE's and FE's.