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New & Upgrade License Training

Nassau County ARES is very pleased to announce that we have teamed with LIMARC for License Training Classes, using their live instructor (and our ARES member) Joe W2BMP on WebEx for online training from your home.  These classes typically run for 3 weeks, with 2 nights a week devoted to particular course of study to help you earn your first license or upgrade right up to Extra Class.

This format is perfect for busy people and can be done from any computer or mobile device in the comfort of your home.  You'll participate online with other students, and hear and see exactly what is going on.  You can ask questions, make comments and you'll find it to be a productive and fun way to learn.  The pass rate is exceptionally high, and Joe works hard to teach you about radio, and why it works.  This is not a ham-cram class you may have seen see elsewhere.  It's also Free.  VE Exams are regularly held. 

Contact us at for a current class schedule.

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